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Jadens Interlude

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[Jada:] What are you doing?
[Jaden:] I'm just looking over there
[Jada:] You looking over there?
[Jaden:] Yeah I'm just looking at the piano
Will: You ready to come out yet?
[Jaden:] No
Will: You cool? You chillin'?
[Jaden:] Mmm hmm
Will: It's all good?
[Jaden:] Yeah
Will: You gonna be quiet when mommy is singing?
[Jaden:] Yeah
Will: You can talk right now though
[Jaden:] OK. How you gonna warm up?
[Jada:] (clears throat) Well hopefully if I keep doing it enough I'll get it right
[Jaden:] Mom can I have some microphones? Can I have some earphones on?
[Jada:] Uuuhhhmmm Will? I don't know if they have extra, can Jaden have
earphones? (laughs) (door closes) Oh there you go Jaden
[Jaden:] OK
[Jada:] You can hear me?
[Jaden:] Yeaaaahhhh
[Jada:] OK
[Jaden:] Can I talk to my daddy?
[Jada:] Daddy can hear you
[Jaden:] Hi daddy, what's up?
Will (faded): Can you hear me?
[Jaden:] Yeah. Wooooow
[Jada:] But when the music starts you have to be quiet
[Jaden:] K
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