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Here He Comes

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[Chorus - Will Smith:]
Here he comes, he can rock
He can breakdance and he can pop
He can rap, and he can act
And if it come down to it he can scrap
Hey there, here come Big Will again

[Will Smith:]
Here I come y'all, here I come y'all
Watch your back y'all, here I come y'all

[Verse One: Will Smith]
For years I've been tryin to rip rhymes and get mine
And spit lines hot like lava this time
I don't got a sitcom to bother with
Or a time conflict with my sci-fi hits
I'm, contemplatin each statement's wit
And I'm, concentratin on makin hits
And I'm, fittin 'em, line by line
Teeth I'm grittin 'em, tryin to find the perfect rhyme
And scheme I'm dreamin, 'bout y'all gleam and doubt
He's back from actin he's screamin out
How he practice rappin now he's devout
Every album track packs what he's about
In the past he, passed with passion
Old fashioned boldly mashin totally crashin
Words up, in a disorderly fashion but
Back to the lab, and guess what happened?
KABOOM, ooh-WEE! Dude's resilient
Fresh Prince was hot, the movies killed him
Wait, hold up, STOP! You can rebuild him
Lock him back in hip-hop while dude's not filmin
Shocked by the film and the TV money
Went from scenes with Uncle Phil to scenes that's sunny
It's so hard to break free from a guaranteed 20
But it's done, so come see the MC honey!


[Will Smith:]
Every time he touch the mic
He close his eyes and he hope to shine
And like a streak of light
Intro his name, they be like ahhhh!


Here come Big Will again
Here come Big Will again!!!
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