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Intertwined like a twisted web
Pulled apart by so-called friends
A power trip when bulls collide
Rude awakening I won't align

I am my own of steel and stone
But words still pierce my flesh and bone
Brothers' fight and one will fall
While the winner takes and loses all

Tempers rage and nostrils flare
Words are slung that rip and tear
I can't take it anymore
Honors fly and pride is hurt
Embraced in anger darkness lurks
Detonate plastic C-4

Feed your head with fucking poison
Pickling your mind
The aftermath filled with excuses
Wasting all my time
Arrogant self-righteous bastard
Is the way you choose to be
Keep your distance and your tongue
And preach not unto me

Trust is hard to gain
When it's apart of you that dies
Swimming in a cesspool
Spawned from vile lies
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