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Night is falling, the sun goes down
Fireflies awake
In the darkness of the forest
We are together again

Far away in a secret place
For the chosen ones
Where the wise man shows the right and
True way of living for us

Judas, a liar, a king for a day
He's gonna give us away
Judas, a liar, a rose with a thorn
He's not the same anymore

There is a time when you need to decide
Have to be strong and need to be wise
A deal with the devil will lead you to Hell
Fire of fear awaits you there

Fire lights up the faces now
By the torches' flame
Ghostly cries are heard, his eyes are
Burning with demonic rage

He's a man with a darkened soul
Hunting for his prey
In the night-time at the right time
He's gonna take one away

Demons and shades of the night
Thy wish is my command
Evil in me never dies
I have no choice

I can't find the way
Out of the storm
I can't break the chains
In my heart of stone

No more words to say
Damage is done
We were all the same
But those days are gone

Judas, a liar, a king for a day
I'm just a man not a saint
Judas, a liar, a rose with a thorn
Why don't you leave me alone?

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