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I sing the blues, because that's all I've ever known.
I scream to the sky but my words get lost along the way.
I can't express all the hate that's led me here and all the filth that swallows us whole.
I don’t want to be a part of all this insanity.
Famine and death.
Pestilence and war.
A world shrouded in darkness.
Maybe it's just me but I see no brighter side, or perhaps
I don't want to.
A constant reminder of how ruthless life can be.
A constant reminder of the struggles.
Fear is driven into our minds everywhere we look.
We’ll never forget all the sadness of this world and this tragedy that surrounds us.
This tragedy that consumes our lives.
Forced to be scared, negativity surrounds our perfect little lives.
Negativity surrounds us.
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