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The Collapse Of Men

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We’ve been lying to ourselves for so long.
We truly forgot what it means to be alive.
Trying so hard for a life with such little purpose.
How could we ever recover?
Lost in oblivion.
Through our failed attempts, we try to find some meaning in this chaos.
Shackled in chains, bound and held down.
We’re constantly repressed by our actions to live a lie.
We could never be content.
We could never face our own reflections in the mirror.
Told what to become.
Molded by the tyrants that crumbled before us.
We are more than just a number, more than a model of what should be.
An ideal.
A dream.
That was never meant for us.
We are the weak that work the grind.
Slaves to the freedoms that we’ll never experience.
We sit in silence and watch as life passes by in front of our eyes.
We are the weak.
We are the slaves to freedom.
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