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K-141 Kursk

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One morning in August it's time to go
Duty awaits us we're strong and we're proud
Farewell to our loved ones
Waving to us from the shore
Sail out to sea in this monster of steel
Russian technology, war horse supreme
One hundred and eighteen men
Submerged in the Barents Sea


We're playing our part in the political game
The cold war was lost but our image must remain
Strong and proud
So we proceed with this doomed exercise
Torpedo was loaded in tube number four
Corrosion, bad welding, one malfunctioning door
The blast killed the seven men in there
And sank the submarine to the bottom of the sea


Twenty three men waiting in the dark
Captain Lieutenant Kolesnikov in charge
Tell us what to do
Can anyone hear our screams?
One hundred and eight meters under the surface of the sea

Into the void
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