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A Betrayal

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A Betrayal among us - it comes quietly in the night
Iike an illness in my self wand's to destroy our plans
And the Clan knows us now careful we must be
My best friend is the traitor - i can't that believe

After so many days
With my friends here in Ruhn
Everything is planned now
Meet us again in this night

I see hope in the eyes
In the eyes of my friends
They are not longer alone
Now it is worth to die itself

I will appoint Illnar now
To the new general
He is to state the Rebellion
The Rebellion in Ruhn

But where is my friend - I cannot find him
I fear the worst things

The doors of our hitting place fly up
Soldiers of the clan storm into the room
It comes to the fight many of us die
A dark shape enters the area

Illnar the traitor the traitor of our land
Ragnar gets in prison - it is to be used as pledge
The father is to be forced - to lay down the weapons
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