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Down Where We Belong

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There Are Two Types Of Men On Our Mother Earth
Some Have All The Luck
Some Just Live In Dirt
Here Are Several Types Of The Colour Of The Skin
But What's Crucial Is To Lose Or Win
You Feel So Alive Where The Eagles Cry
And You Feel So Strong On A Mountain High
But In Fact You Are At His Bottom Just
His Unattainable Top Seems To Be A Must
We Will Stay Down
Down Where We Belong
And The Rain Keeps Knocking On Our Mother Earth
And The Snow Keeps Falling Is It Really Worth
To Live Through This Ache And To Die At Last
When You're Predestined And The Die Is Cast
Our Thoughts Are Fading In A Time That Melts
Our Flesh Is Fading As We've Always Felt
But We Kid Ourselves To Meet Heaven's Feast
To Rise Up To God And To Be Released
We Will Stay Down
Down Where We Belong

You Belong To Us
To The Human Scrap
Which Will Never Win And Succumbs In Traps
That Are Set By Others With Deceitfulness
And You Stumble Into With Thankfulness
No One Knows If We Are To Survive The Storm
But I Tell You Man You Are Just A Worm
Just A Little Error On A Hopeless Crust
You Are Sleazy Man And
Your Limbs Will Rust
We Will Stay Down
Down Where We Belong
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