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A Day When World Started To Weep

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A dawn rose slow and quietly from a womb of meaning
Suddenly a barren face of agony was brought to light
And it sang a cry of mankind, heart-wrenching threnody
That grew to immense hights too dreadful to describe
Still we stood with our eyes fixed into the ground
Wishing we could be somewhere far away
And the rain of tears bursted from the skies upon us -
The drowning, while shrieks beyond the centuries
Pierced our souls to the edge of death
The sun became our most dreadful enemy
Our bodies burning, still never dying
Wishing you never were stillborn with us
The starving yearning will be forever
The fading seconds, hours of struggle
The days of anger and years of never
Decades were passed by now it seemed,
'Though we were there only for a blink of an eye
Gaunt flock of mourners were walking slowly
Towards us on our way
Not a hint of a word came back to us
'Though countless times we were asking reason why
Drops of sorrow just fell from wounded eyes
To a frosty ground
Seemed to be we were watching misery of no reason
The sun became a cold twisted mirror
Reflecting terror from thousand moons
Beyond perception, beyond all reason
Shivering with horror, waiting tomorrow
To cleanse our memories, to end our suffering
Seeing it impossible ever to perceive
Momentarily myriad of misery was thrown before our
Suffering eyes
For eternities we've drifted on the seas unlooked-for
And at last as delusion of a lighthouse fills our sight
We witness a loss, running aground for a first time
Must now award the siren's song with drowning praise -
Drifting along vast waters of time, a falling night...
Night fell fast and with storm from a meaningless grave
Tearing all that was left of our hope
Cold twilights cradle became our bleak final home -
The end of all
Our eyes had seen too much to carry on,
But still not enough to ever understand
Why are we born in here
What is our meaning here
Is there anything valueless at all
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