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Leave You Alone Ft. Ne-Yo

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[Hook: Ne-Yo]

She Said (she said)
You ain't no good (no good)
But you feel so good
She said (she said)
What if I could?
But I gotta leave you alone
(She said) I gotta leave you alone
She said (she said)
I know you bad
But I want you bad
She said (she said)
Makes so sad (That I)
Gotta leave you alone
(She said) I gotta leave you alone

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]

I got my mind on my money
All I need is a bad bitch
That I can run through the city spend this cash with
That I can run through this city spend this cash on
Wake up in the morning get my smash on
I don't want much baby egg whites
Keep your stomach and your thighs and your legs right
While I’m out here focus getting this bread right
But if the head right, Jeezy there every night
Wake up in the morning and I'm still here
Wake up in the morning and I ain’t gone
All I ask, let me just do me
And maybe just me and you can get along
Had them other bitches mad when they seen us
Had them matching rolexes baby, team us
Yeah the earth is our turf we can share the world
Maybe even go half on a baby girl


[Verse 2: Young Jeezy]

Let me be your mind reader, let me read your mind
And when I’m done with the front, hit it from behind
Love a loyalty never cross the line
Just hit a nigga up when I cross your mind
Show you how to get you on you won’t be watching mine
? show you how to shine
And maybe we can kick it when I got the time
Be my back bone every nigga need a spine
Gotta know you ride with me if I’m right or wrong
Case I wake up in the morning and it’s all gone
Best believe I’ma get it right back
Thats the hustler in me I know you like that
You probably think I’m with a different broad every night
When I think about it shit man you’re probably right
The more I think about it shit you’re probably wrong
Cause what you didn’t think about is that I'm probably grown


[Verse 3: Ne-Yo]

She said she wish she never met me
Cause she just can't help her let me go ahead
And do whatever the hell I want
She said she hate how much she need me
Turn around, and say she don’t need me
Always talking about she gonna leave me
But she don’t
But maybe this time might be different
Cause she shed so many tears
She’ll remind me all the dumb shit that I’ve done over the years
But she don’t be tripping in the morning, I got her legs up by her ears
But as soon as we get done, I swear this is all I hear, yeah

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