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Our World Fallen

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It's fallen [x3]
Our world
It's fallen

Look, my generation is clueless
What's all the fuss about
Ignoring Jesus is even ruder than cussing him out
I see no interest at all with true intimacy with Christ
Our apathy is easy to see just like the dots on a dice
We live in a country where worshipping money is all apart of the culture
No worship of God
Just look at they walls
And see who they got on them posters
And see what they got in them holsters
Why cats be holding them choppers?
The Federal Building is filled with killers
That could've been lawyers and doctors
Now if there is a problem even the young boys
Are fenna get those
Bottles of hypnotic
And cop those cigarellos
It's crazy man cause them ladies now are strapped with a ratchet
We born dead and then we all head back to the casket
See it's a wrap for the masses
Cause in Adam something happened
That was traumatic, dramatic, it had to drastic affecting us all
Rejecting our God
Brought death to us all
In choosing to sin
The need to repent
We call it the the fall

See, God is communicating to us through the Holy Bible
And the Bible says that God created the Heavens and the earth
Then it says that He created Adam
The first man
Then from Adam He made Eve
And He gave Adam responsibilities in the garden of Eden
But God told Adam
Not to eat at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
But the Bible says that the serpent

Was the most cunning creature of them all
And he deceived Eve into eating the fruit of the tree
And then Eve gave to Adam
And that's where sin entered into the world
And because of that
God cursed all of creation and humanity
Now everybody finds themselves in a position
Of a desperate need of a Savior, Jesus Christ
That's my time ya'll
Pursue Jesus Christ
It's your boy Flame... Peace
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