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My limousine jam packed filled with sexy women/ oh my bad bro you wouldn't
even know the feeling/
you see just how I'm living/
I'm living super good/
and i can't mess with no chick that don't look super good/
money anit a issue so you know we staying out/
keep racks in a safe/ can't trust no bank account/
don't even ask me why/ it's just the way it is/
who need a hotel?/ we sleeping in the Benz/
yeah and all my woman brought a couple friends/
bottles poppin' back to back you know we get it in/
say AHH girl/ let me go and pour it in/
she swallow like a champ because she took the whole end/
throwing money out the window as we glide through/
every time we hit the club no need to ask who/
straight to V.I.P. imma buy the bar out/
sexy women always do bring the stars out

* Cruising through the city---/ and you know we in the zone/
anit no tellin' when we gunna make it home---/
late nights-- doing what we wanna do/
bright lights--- shinning like they spose to---/


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