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Injecting Dementia

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Chaos and plague horizon
Is the remaining theater that you can see
Dust and rotten wasted flesh
Is the result game of the ancient gods
Here and there forever
The machinery of darkness evolves without end
Ghost of lost earth ideal
Is still shining alone on the fertile land

Injecting Dementia
Injecting Dementia

Under control of fear
My eyes are exposed to inscrutable scenes
Feast of souls to deny
Hundred year's judgement of forgotten faith
Each of us are breathing for
Escape to this perilous era
Dare the black god's balance
Nothing could stop this infinite fall

Altered by all
Virtual mirror

Injecting Dementia
Injecting Dementia

Bowled over by unfathonable depths
I made out so far as you can see
Faces of jet-black, smooth like glass
Coating of pitch that realm of dead
Throws on those creeping shores...
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