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She Don't Wanna Rock

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She don't wanna rock
She don't wanna rock

We first met at a show started talking
Aqua net motley cruse and dokken
Hit it off great and she soon moved in
Turn it up give me some poison
She got sick of my spandex pants
Wanted some of that girlie romance
I wanted slaughter you gave me stryper
I'm the Iron Sheik, She's Rowdy Roddy Piper

Headbangers ball is on
I wanna bang a gong
She threw away my bong
I said no, no, no

She said I don't wanna rock anymore
And she said I can't bang my head anymore
I can't believe she is scaring me
When she said I just can't rock anymore
With you

Well i got her back singing home sweet home
Used my hairbrush as a microphone
But I just couldn't stop when she wanted to talk
I'm like L.A guns I was born to rock
Yeah well she started selling my concert Tees
Aerosmith and Run D.M.C
Bust it
I live Van Halen, she likes Van Hagar
She's a violin, I'm a motherfucking guitar

I don't understand it
What went wrong?
I thought all the ballards
Were her favourite songs
I don't understand it
When she said to me "Even Bon Jovi?"
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