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Fragile Mind

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Memories fears and lies
Anger burns the child inside
As I turn and walk away
Can't believe the things you say
Frustrated with fragile mind
I feel the rage it binds my eyes
Poison me till Ecstasy
Drowning in my liquid dreams

Looking back I'm paralyzed
The dreaded memories inside
Agony corroding me
Keeping me from destiny
The tragedy the suffering
Deafened by the silent screams
Never more to hear them roar
Never more to be ignored

I'm craving feeding lost
I'm empty bleeding falling

Disdain is my outlook as well as my plan
Compelled to incarnate from spirit to man
He who controls me controls my lost fate
I re-live his torment and wait at his gate
Cast off warnings of fate decree
Glory is crimson my soul is set free

Gravity failing me see it all as I fall
Falling down through the ground
Bridges burned lessons learned

Who will be there for me
All is lost at what cost
Misery endlessly twice the pain who will reign

Redemption is all I seek
Free me from my suffering
Sanctuary's calling me
Away from infinity

Where do we go from here?
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