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V. Eternity

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Complication and simplicity of universe raindrops
Replace each other upon pathway of regular cosmic era
Torn, caught away from Eternity, ever difficult
For anyone's lower mind to comprehend

Physical matter world with rare holes to others
It's isolated and desolate, the cripple, been at fault
With things and at the same time with nothing
As if concocted by no one's fantasy

Various children in their cells and bodies
Represent a creative prototypes of the Absolute
Joining in themselves the whole range of ideas
Arranged between many poles of existence

Myriad worlds with their long stripes of concepts
It's non-existing anything
Being engulfed by immense vacuum
This creating of the higher stage idea

Divine reality with no beginning and no end
Into celestial space of light obscurity
Self-reproductive and self-absorptive
Alternates in quite novel forms of being.
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