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Cop That

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What de rass cleat? See you inna de Benz we haffe get that
Put the car inna wind don't wan fe get jacked
Reconsider it when you hear the gun shots

Yea me serious, man a money me want me get delerious
Fe de extravagant lifestyle me curious
Put your car inna park, you not hearin us?

Glock 9 inna coat, another man on the roof with a scope
it looks good inna de video
Pretty gal inna car, even though it's not mine, I'm a star
because she hear me on the radio

Have a gun in me waist, get me mad, and me shoot up the place
with the blanks, I'm just foolin' you,
but tell the youth I'm the bomb diggidy, don't bother me,
I'm only a gangster in the studio.

Cop That, Don't Say No, Cop That
(You know you want it)

Some youth try act funny, Rap money no crack money,
work money no nerd money, we sufferin' from the...

misconception that running from de police is an occupational plus
There aint no schoolin' us

This time we get wise on the hustle
Stereotype, we all about trouble,
.45 with a scope on the muzzle
takes a back seat to the Don's hired muscle.

What dem know about keeping dem hands clean
when bad things are happening to your enemies?

The bad things me a do will fully never see the light of a verse.
Me come ten times worse.


Flirt with desperation to fill we mouth,
Rudeboy we no fear that's what we all about,

Na left fi de hard knocks reality
Get de dollars we want that by any means

Get the scope and clap the lock quickly,
Don't put your life on the line we wan stay jiggy,

Get your hands up, Don't make a move from me,
Bad man we no care we want the blood money

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