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Flush them out, from where they hide
They must answer for their crimes
Evil deeds they commit, defy the lord
We have our ways to make them speak
Admit their guilt, repent their sins
Tie the accused to the stake
One last chance to confess
Justice, we will deal, it is our right
All of them witches they will burn
Blasphemy has sealed their fate tonight
Heresy will bring about your end
The high inquisitor has decreed
The verdict has been reached
The evil must be cleansed
Purify their flesh
On the morrow they'll be dead
Screams of fire fill the air
Roaring fires lick the sky
Innocents unjustly died, there was no crime
Grave atrocities allowed to pass
Blinded by the twisted holy word
Deceit and murder tried to justify
A stain that history cannot erase
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