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It's been going on for so long
All the words we said wrong way back then
And I still hear them all in my head
It keeps playing over and over again
I can't run, I can't hide, it don't matter how hard I try
To move on, but

I don't want to leave it, bury it and forget
I've already wasted so much time
Can't wait another moment, am I all out of chances
For you to believe it's on my mind
I've gotta let go of my pride and apologize
I thought I would never let go,
Never thought I could know what it's like
To wake up, holding what I gave up,
After all this time still trying to find
What it is to forgive even when it isn't that easy
So please believe me, cause

If I caused you pain, I will take the blame
You can put it on me
if I broke your heart, if I left a scar
let me say I'm sorry

I've gotta let go of my pride,
And apologize
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