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Just hanging around, it's all the same to me
Time is passing by but I don't give a damn
I'm drifting away from life's reality
Show me the reasons for my existence
What the hell am I living for

Just hear my call, I'm your friend Alcohol
I'm gonna lift you up, never bring you down

I'll lead you away from your misery
Just make your decision, come on, follow me

What you're looking for is no problem at all
I've got the connections, together we're strong

I'm gonna lift you up, never bring you down
I'll show you the way out of your misery

I need someone to depend on
And I guess you're always there
In situations where I can't cope
(you) give me the courage I lack
You satisfy me, you take the edge off
My problems seem to disapear
Life is such a breeze

Just hear my call, friend Alcohol
You lift me up, never bring me down
You lead me the way out of my misery
I made my decision, now I'm getting free
What I'm looking for is no problem at all
You've got the connections and together we're strong

You, my friend, you're always there when I need you
You, my friend, you're so good, so fucking great
You, my friend, you free my life, you free my world
You, my friend, you lift me up, but never let me down
You broke my will and you took my strength
And now you're not around, Alcohol
I need to feel your heat running through my veins
I'm addicted to... Alcohol
You're an illusion, not better than a whore
You brought me up to let me drop... Alcohol

Please hear my call, "Demon Alcohol"
You brought me down and left me alone
Look what you have done, "Whore Alcohol"
Is this reality? Is it me? (The Living Dead) ?
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