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Venerate her under many names
As a pagan mystic rose
Perfect prostitute priestess
Face dripping with the semen of many
Initiatrix to the great work, devoted Isis
Without Osiris
Demeaned and demonized by God
A god so full of self hate
Futile hate
He loathes even his best creation
So full of hate, Full of self hate
Superior sub-rosa Sophia
Sucking the anointed at the temple
Fucking the Baptist by candle
In the trance of Horasis
Goddess soul carved in rock
Heavenly hymns hewn in stone
“Mary, I am lost without you”
Raising arms to the head
To the head of the bed
Breasts rise across her ribcage
Shooting thick white debris
All over her face and hair
“I have no place in this World without you”

[Solo Mendonca, Wilcock]
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