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Waiting on a sign

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Why did you leave
I know you're jaded baby
Don't feel deceived
One day you'll see
I'll give you time before
You come back to me
My uncommon sense
Tells me to leave it alone
And let your soul be set free
I know what I want
So tell me how do I get it
Let me take you to
The place you wanna be


Got me waiting on a sign, been waiting on a sign, got me waiting on a sign yeah yeah
You're all I ever wanted, got me waiting on a sign
Can't take it now
You know desire's got us burning somehow
You're upside down
The bitter silence got you all turned around
Well maybe I'm crazy but
You don't understand that
I'm a fool who believes
That one day you'll hear me baby
One day you'll see that I can take you
To the place you wanna be


I see you running for the other side
Don't try to tell me that you're running away
Just keep moving to the morning light and
The darkness will fade to the day
It's all right

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