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Ring Your Bell

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Songwriters: Robertson, Robbie;

Ring your bell change your number
Run like hell you can't hide from thunder, oh no
Ring your bell get in the wind
You and me gonna make some medicine

Run that rebel across the tracks
With the mounties on his trail
He was taught
Don't get caught at the mercy of the man
Land in jail

Meet me, madam, on the high road
We gonna blow the man down
I've been totin' a heavy load
And I'm rarin' to clown mess around

Ring your bell shake your tower
Pump your well yurn on your power
I'm gonna ring your bell slide on in
You and me gonna make some medicine

Smoky bars and souped up cars
Where we drowned all sorrow
Renegade woman
Love me like there's no tomorrow
Left to borrow

Bloodhounds comb the back streets
With the ramrod close behind
Asphalt justice you gonna find
My ass across that border line

Ring your bell sound the chime
Open up your shell get on the line
Come on, ring your bell gimme some skin
You and me gonna make some medicine
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