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Truckdrivin' neighbors downstairs (yellow swe..

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Neighbor 1: Come on, motherfucker. Put your clothes on, come on. Asshole!
Neighbor 2: You lousy punk!
Neighbor 3: Fuck you!
Neighbor 2: Why don't you call your mommy?
Neighbor 3: You're a fucking drunk.
Neighbor 2: Yeah, I'm a fucking drunk...
Neighbor 1: Come on, motherfucker.
Neighbor 2: ...but you're a lousy lowlife who can't do nothin' for himself.

acid casualty with a reposessed car
vietnam vet playin' air guitar

it's just the shit-kickin', speed-takin'
truck-drivin' neighbours downstairs

whiskey-stained buck-toothed backwoods creton
grizzly bear motherfucker never goes to sleep

oh, yeah...yeah

belly floppin' naked in a pool of yellow sweat
screamin' jackass with a wet cigarette

oh, my goodness
oh... [etc.]
mmm... [etc.]

psychotic breakdown double-edged axe
growin' hair like a shag dog on his greasy back

oh my goodness
oh my goodness

oh, yeah
come on, honey, feel the grease
grease, grease
come on, honey, feel the grease
oh, my goodness
come on, honey, feel the grease
oh yeah
come on, lay it on me
bring it down one more time
come on, honey...
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