Texty písní Big Sean Finally Famous Vol. 1: The Mixtape All Night Ft. Mr. Bentley

All Night Ft. Mr. Bentley

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[Big Sean]
All Night. Yeah

[Verse 1]
[Fonzworth Bentley]
Batter Up
Forget the sign, here come the wine
He swing away, I knuckle up
Been in the clutch, he drive a stick
No not bat, you missed that
I'm not in fifth gear, switch
Six Bent, chopped and screwed
I ain't talking 'bout the beat, I'm talkin' 'bout my suit
Keep four hand not like bi-fon-du
When I move they tellin' me they lovin' my colors
All that talkin' 'bout the clothes, I'm talking about the under
Huh, ground sonic kings I rap while pimped with a wease
My audemar maid bring me green tea
Tell ---- I massage her feet
And she love me long time, my woman stay on her knees
Use the head for prayer only --- to say thank you
And now you know for sure that I'm not like you
--- uh watch out, ------
You can't catch a fish unless you got the right bait
And though I have a stable with the best milkshakes
The booty pass, from Aldehyde
Abstinent like ebony in fashion league, why? we different
You complain that there's not enough metaphors
I complain that there's not enough candy for us
We got different tastes
You get hot when you're not gettin' enough green
Uhh, some more collard greens? I got enough pepper sauce
You hear things and let 'em go over your head
I write 'em down and Google 'em before I go to bed
'nough said, pays the parallel park, rim brand
Let the driver take a day, Big Sean got the big Benz instead
Yeah, and if you got all that, the result tab ----- red

[Big Sean]

It's on
Roll up, Post up
Here come the pig (seats!) and pose up
And tell 'em that we goin' all night
Cause we know what you like
Bentley know what you like
Big Sean know what you like
88 know what you like
So tell 'em that we goin' all night, alright?

[Verse 2]
[Big Sean]

Oo wee!
I miss Cherie Amore I see
Won't you come be my Cherie Amore for me
Wi Wi, baby I can make it better for we
She got that baby phat fat, not Kimora Lee (Yeesh)
I used to be underground like the pipeline
Now I'm everywhere like WI-fi
So log on to a Don Corleone
Who was known to be known
Off performing his songs!
And that's honest
I'm from a place that's so unprotected
Need more than a condom
But now a nigga label mates with Common
So how them haters feel? shit, no comment
You like Kanye? He cool with Hov
Oh, you don't like Hov? Well I know you like Beyoncé
Ain't looking for a wife but
Maybe a fiancé
The man on my team
From the D like Chauncey
Billups babe, mhmm, and we could leave
I'm trynna beat like 88 keys (Damn!)
How we livin' like we smoke 88 trees
Hot shit baby, I might radiate heat
Excuse me! if I don't come all cordial
I don't mean to put you through this whole ordeal
Baby I'm more real
Comin' from a city where the niggas keep it poppin like Orville (You Know?)

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