Texty písní Big Sean Finally Famous Vol. 3: BIG In Tha Morning- Yg ft. K.R.I.T. & Ty$

In Tha Morning- Yg ft. K.R.I.T. & Ty$

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I wake up in the morning
With my face to the South
Just another girl
Cause you know I stay high

Wake up in the morning
For my bit*h she f–k me back
After .. she cleaned up and call the …
If you were around the corner
You could probably hear her mumbling
Get the neighbors up
Cause I’m f—–g her in the morning
I’m a mother f—-r nice
.. in the closet in these streets ..
I keep the .. in my pocket
You know I’m on operation
Keep the .. rotation
.. I’m just trying to get a dollar
Our of 15 cents
So I hit the … bit*h
My daddy told me
n—-r get it how you live
Money over bit*h n—-r
That is what it is

Keeping .. til I die
To these bit*hes I lie
Walk on f—–g mall
Looking soft…
All I know my bank account
Got .. digits
California.. cheese. f—–g …


I’m tired of morning f—–g
Bed side f—–g
.. cause I’m bad
..never get in between
.. bit*h like mine
Shorty know what I mean
I’m talking.. like a pro
.. she might never leave
Go on the low..
She’s a very freaky girl
Don’t say no to that
She wait when I swung …
..push on the pillow…

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