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Till It Shines

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Take away my inhibitions
Take away my solitude
Fire me up with your resistance
Mmmm put me in the mood

Storm the walls around this prison
Leave the inmates
Free the guards
Deal me up another future with some brand new deck of cards

Take the chip off of my shoulder
Smooth out all the lines
Take me out among the rustling pines
Til it shines

Ahh till it shines

Like an echo down a canyon
Never coming back as clear
Lately I just judge the distance
Not the words I hear

I’ve been too long on these islands
I’ve been far too long alone
I’ve been too long without summer
In this winter home

Still if we can make the effort
If we take the time
Maybe we can leave this much behind
Til it shines

Mmmm til it shines

See the rich man lost and lonely
Watch him as he dines
Sitting there just testing all the wines
Til it shines

Til it shines
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