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Maduar - Do It

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Somebody Told Me You Must Always Do
What The Others Wanna
What You Wanna What She Wanna
What He Wanna What They Wanna
Just Not What I Wanna
But Now I Know It's Inncorect
You Know It Too Man
Were Gonna Do Something Right Now
With It Watch On

I'm Back Again On A Dancefloor
You Come Down With Me
That's What I Wanna
Black Man Yelow Man
Red Man White Man
So I Sad Everyone
Come To Tha Dansa Come To Tha Party
I Know Ya Wanna
Do Watcha, Watcha Wanna Do
Just Do It

I'we Got The Freedom Now
So Let Me Dance It
I'we Got The Freedom Now
Watch Me'

Everyone You Must Fight
For Your Rights
Come Black Come Yellow
Come Red And White
Together Were Gonna Make It
On A Dancefloor Were
Dancin All Night

Only Tha Music Keep Ma Body
In Motion
When I Dance I Feel Like
On An Ocean
When I Feel Freedom It Will
Make Up My Mind
Whem I Look Up I Wanna See
Stars Right Shine
Come In It

Do It Do It
Whatcha Wanna Do It
Do It Just Do It
Music's Gonna Move It
People Dance Around
Turn Up The Sound
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