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And You Say

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I don't need you any more
I don't need the heartache you bring
But what I want and what I get
That's two different things, that's two different things
And you say
I thought we had a relationship
And you say
I thought you love me
Well I've heard this question before
and I hate to answer it
Of course I love you baby
But that's not really what you're asking
Is it, is it?
And you say
Why can't we talk about this?
And you say
Why can't you express your feelings?
Well all I've got to say is...
And you say
This isn't enough
And you say
I want more
Well we all want more
That's nothing new
More of everything
More and faster - faster, faster
And you say
Why aren't you satisfied?
And you say
You can't have everything
Well why not?
That's what it's there for
It's a great big world
There's plenty to round, there's plenty to go round
And you say
And you say
And you say
and you say, and you sa, and you say, and you say
Well I guess that's about it
There's nothing left to say
Well it doesn't really matter what you say baby
'Cause I ain't listening anymore
It's completely and utterly pointless
Well, you can say anything you want baby
'Cause you say nothing
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