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Everyone Deserves To Die

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Life has stabbed you in the back
In violent ecstasy
Swift, vengeful hate
Their blood shall stain your pores
Microscopic ingestion of disease, which you've harbored since birth
Unwittingly the suffering
Everyday life--a virus
Condemn the molesters of fraudulent morality
Everyone deserves to die

Deny them life
Dead shall be their families
Beheaded shall be their loved ones
Impotent lies shells of men
In our failed attempt at humanity
Animal parts still sold to vanity
We were destined-it had to be
Flash bomb the general public

As if road kill, we crisp and peel and flake away
No longer perishable
Adoration for man's expiration

Extinction of man
And peace on earth

Revenge for our nature of decadence
Decimation and pestilence

Extreme holocaust of the peoples
The unbiased hand of death
Resetting an evolution
Reversed big-bang conclusion
You are the disease
Your existence is cancer
Ecological tumor
A disgrace to the earth

Deserving of pain
Deserving of euthanasia
100 billion can't be wrong or so says the golden calf

Visualize nonexistence
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