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All the Life Around

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so july came in its glory and the sun claimed its rule
kids held sunburned hands into the ocean to cool
and we lapped up those days which seemed forever endless
and counted the ways we imagined we could make it last

so october rolled along and all the trees were changing colors
squirrels outside my window stuck together like a band of brothers
we stood still, spellbound by nature’s prowess
lady fall was quick to swiftly envelope us

so december came a-knocking like a guest comes rudely uninvited
icy winter snows prowled and possessed us
saying: run but you can't hide
head guarded, made plans while living in the maybe
held our breath, held hands and hoped the sun would save me

so then april showed her face with bushes bearing sugar, musk and honey
new buds on the branches made me realize that loss is necessary
for new life, new joy, new memories to be made
so we threw up our hands and soaked up all the life around
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