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High Speed Heroes

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He never had much but he saved enough
To buy a souped up Chevrolet
For years he drove them little dirt tracks
Tryin' to make himself a name
Until one night down in Gainesville
When he finally found some fame
It took all he had but he took the flag
And a drive down victory lane

From Talladega, Alabama
He's the new man on the track
Lined up next to Sterling Marlin
Dale Jarrett's two cars back
And it's gentlemen start your engines
And the pace car pulls away
He may not out run his heroes
But he'll prove he's here to stay

Legends of the asphalt
Men with nerves of steel
They'll give up everything they own
Just to stay behind the wheel
From a Thunderbird to a Chevrolet
Who wins nobody knows
They're runnin' hard for the checkered flag
They're high speed heroes

It's a pedal to the metal
Rev up and change the gears
And the sound of Sunday thunder
Is sweet music to his ears
There's a pileup on the back stretch
And the crowd begins to roar
And his mind goes back to other days
And the ones who came before
There's Richard, Dale, and Herbie,
Davey, Lee, and Cale
And in the second turn's the very place
Where old fireball hit the rail
Dale Earnhardt took the long ride
He didn't go alone
He just drove off into glory
And the angels took him home



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