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In America

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Well the eagle's been flying slow
and the flag's been flying low
And a lot of people are saying
that America's fixing to fall
But speaking just for me
and some people from Tennessee
we got a thing or two to tell you all

This lady may have stumbled
but she ain't never fell
And if the Russians don't believe that
they can all go straight to hell
We're gonna put her feet back on
the path of righteousness and then
God bless America again

And you never did think that
it ever would happen again
In America, did you?
You never did think that
we'd ever get together again
Well we damn sure fooled you
We're walking real proud and
we're talking real loud again in America
You never did think that
it ever would happen again

From the sound up in Long Island
out to San Francisco Bay
And every thing that's
in between them is our home
And we may have done a little
bit of fighting amongst ourselves
but you outside people best leave us alone

Cause we'll all stick together
and you can take that to the bank
That's the cowboys and the hippies
and the rebels and the yanks
You just go and lay your head
on a Pittsburgh Steeler fan
and I think you're gonna finally understand



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