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The wasteland

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Said the party to the ad-man
''We'll conjure up a gimmick -
The way to lead an ass
Is with a carrot and a stick
Dig down for minorities
Promise them concessions
Ride in on their backs
And then teach them all a lesson:
1. Unemployment means depression
2. You're just victims of the recession
3. (We can count on their support -
if we channel their you'll be saved

All these myths come tailor-made
To suit the Company Director
Myths that praise the dignity
Of cheap, disposable labour
Two different routes
To an industrial heaven
Work for the Boss and parliament
And all will be forgiven
It's the fear of being sacked
That lets the Boss step up the face
Because the minute you step out of line
There's someone took your place

Said the MP to the media:
''Can't we juggle this around?
Sprinkle sugar on the dogshit
And we'll keep the figures down
Never let the left hand
See what's in the right
No-one's any wiser
And the problem's our of sight...''

Job Clubs, Restart, YTS, CP's, EAS:
Take your democratic choice
Take a scheme or starve
Company profits doubled
Wages chopped in half

Offer your life to the one true Church:
In the name of the Conservative Party
The Labour Party
And the Liberal Alliance
The promised land where banks outnumber churches
And your cars shall be martyrs to the cause!

Capitalism in crisis...
But on the third day it shall rise again.
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