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Scare city

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But we spread more disease than all of the insects
By carrying our shit then spreading it by contact
When we shit on people we are shit on in return
So we put out more shit we think we’ve nothing left to learn
We keep on spreading more disease than all of the insects
And after the people had built scare city high in the food mountains, the advertising men moved into the plush concrete drawing offices and started juggling around with ideas, and they came up with a concept and the concept was this: need is an anagram of eden. so they marketed need, shit for every occassion, replacing our real needs with a craving for the purified packaged shit. waste product. waste became the product.
Coca cola is drunk two hundred and fifty million times a day in a hundred and forty five different countries. they can shift shit anywhere they want, when they want. anywhere, any time, they can shift it. yeah, eighteen million children starved to death last year. they can’t shift food because it’s not fucking profitable.
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