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Knight Falls

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When night falls over the city
I gotta be ready cuz it feels like
Somebodys comin ta get me

Its ten-o-clock
And darkness comes to my area
And every night its a little bit more scarier
The eleven-o-clock Monday news
Is more like a horror flick
People sure have changed
It seems that they enjoying this
Death and distruction
With no instruction
Leads to malfunction disruption and full consuption
How can I escape this mind state that im in
I been tryin but it seems that I can't win
I've fallen and I cant get up
And the homies that was my homies went and set me up
Somebody tried to tell me that it was all in my brain
I tried to act a hard male wit cocaine
but it still dont ease my pain
Am I insane or a victim of my own fears
Whats goin on we suposed to be happy here
God dont make no junk thats what I been told
But it seems to me that God aint in control

When night falls over the city
I gotta be ready cuz it feels like
Somebodys comin to get me

When night falls over the city
I gotta be ready cuz it feels like
Somebodys comin to get me

I need assistance
But all I get is resistance
I try to be presistant
But life can be gone in an instant
Im scared to turn around
Cuz I know somebodys watching
I can feel they evil stares
And I know that they plottin on me
An sceamin
I wish I was dreamin
If my mind was free
I could chase away the deamons
But it aint
And they still cant understand that
All I ever wanted in life was a chance to be a man
The some 'ol pattern
Its got me goin crazy loc
Descendent of a king but I feel like a rodo joke
Is this a sequal
Or all men created equal
The lies that you told told to the people back then
Now they is leathal
And now we swimmin in a pool like shark bait (shark bait)
Feel my pulse race
Have normal heart rate (heart rate)
And now im startin to feel like I might come up missin
I tried to tell somebody but nobody wouldnt listen


Im feelin depressed stiffle
My life is triful
No famly,friends,or relations
So I stick with my rifle
And my pistol
Im seein stars and hearin whistles
One shot from a little junky ass 22
Tear a whole in your grisle
Wont say ta say side
Cuz the up yours fell
Off the fall by the way side
So stay yo ass on the plate side
Theres nothin to fear but the fear itself
And if you control the fear then the fear is wealth
Do I have power
Or do I have no self control
These long lonely nights
Have made my heart grow cold
Give my please
Cant somebody help a gee
And will we fight this battle for eternety
I blame you cuz my mind is not my own
So dont blame me if I tresspass in yo zone
Im your creation
The pilot of a twisted nation
Guess this is what your facin

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