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Arrow of God

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Twice in a blue moon, I might stumble cross thoughts like
What's the meaning of life, it triggers foresight
Bein able to see, in lost clarity does
The money we make define prosperity was
Situations quite complex like this
In ancient times of kings and goddess Isis
I hold my throne alone, livin history still
Feel the relevance of those in the history gone
It's a body of mind but not soul, cause born
Is other worldy kinds that god molds for one
I do believe in bein after this shit (shit)
Whether you righteous or a misfit
Intrigued by the hear after, avoid the fear factor
Capture the fact that self will be here after
Celebrate life and death in the same vein
And those that are gone I mourn but it's from pain
Live and let die, some thoughts I been thinking bout
Not fascinated by death but just hear me out
Live and let die, see you in the whirlwind
Grandmother, see you soon when my world end
Do you believe in him? Is he alive and well?
Heaven and hell debated as my mind dwelled
Into a place numb, from which I came from

Return the innocence, now we can play dumb
See I ain't like y'all (why?) I don't read much
Biblical words ain't shit, fuck Jesus
I just live now, perhaps regret later
Don't call me atheist, I do believe that God's greater
But is it in you, or is it in me
Or maybe just he, defines celebrity
It's sorta like telepathy the way God move me
Wit hands on my soul, I'm bold but not unruly
I sacrifice life an', pay the right price to
Live free now, God let me be now
It's a cold world, some people need heat
Just give me space and a beat and I'll find retreat
Say, it's a cold world, and people need heat
But give me space and a beat and I'll find retreat
Believe in the after life, there ain't nothin wrong wit that
Cuz that we exist is fact, and fact which is truth that lack
Lies, live life, life life
Say life is a beautiful thing, or maybe pain is the feel we bring
Just live life

[words in background]

I'm touched by the arrow of God, that left scars
I'm praisin the atmosphere, respect Mars
Cuz, we all connect beyond the laws of science
Akin is the product of two beautiful migrants
An', the new world makin ends meet a lifetime
Love and experience the reason why I write rhymes
So I put my all in, 'til my sky falls an'
Crush my head, I'm dead when I write y'all
Believin it now, my God's not oblivion
My God is the omnipresent being in ya city and
We dial long beyond the bounds of language
Perhaps that's the reason why some face still full of anguish
Believe in my aim, my God, and my destiny
I dodge and weave 'til the game of life get the best of me
Believe in my aim, my God, and my destiny
I dodge and weave 'til the game of life get the best of me
Come on y'all

[men speaking]
In classic Christian doctrine the material world is to be despised, and life
is to be redeemed in the hereafter, in heaven, where our rewards come

But you say that if you affirm that which you deplore, you are affirming the
very world which is our eternity at the moment. Eternity isn't some later time
eternity isn't a long time
eternity has nothing to do with time
eternity is that dimension of here and now
which thinking and time cuts out
This is it (this is it)
If you don't get it here, you won't get it anywhere
and the experience of eternity right here and now is the function of life
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