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Sunshine overflowin her, baby we getting golden
The Cyne, we perfect, we break until we broken
I slide to the rhythm and laugh, recline in em
Are you jokin? Better than God, crack you smoking
Blessed to the vocals, come close, I don't know you
I flow too, visual sound is so hopeful
Easy, greezy, be you so I can be me
I roll four deep and my crew remain breezy
Get to the picture, Cise Star dating your sister
So don't get mad and guess who's coming to dinner
Diamond on the wrist watch, nah that's not hip hop
I dig, dug you nub and fall through the pit stop
Slick style warrior, smooth with inner passion
Only stop for the purest of heart, gimme action
Stumble on the humble, so what's ya name and number
Goin through the struggle but still this nigga love ya
Slap you like a bracelet, with force you can't take it
The intro slides into the track, +nothing's sacred+
It's laser, bright pinnacle star we are
Laser, burn a hole right through ya new car
So laser, fresh and new like brand new draws
Laser, at the speed of life, Hollywood stars
Laser, like sir in Vegas up in the Blazer

I cross fade ya, and made ways into the majors
It's euthanasia when my pen touches the paper
From stunning killed I turned up the phaser
Will Rob is in danger
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