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Give Them What They Want

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Give em what they want [c´mon]
Give em what they want [c´mon]
Give em what they want
they all can´t get it

Give em what they want [c´mon]
Give em what they want [c´mon]
[give it to em!!]

[verse #1]
cats slide to the hood
but i walk through it
holdin my fuckin dick
and thats all to it
this aint no new shit
told ya when i metcha
show some fuckin respect
knock before ya enter
betcha, if its me thats comin to getcha
its gonna be a back down n´lets betcha
for real,ya´ll niggas don´t know pain
[uhuh]cuz ya´ll niggas dont know me
[uhuh]and thats my name
aint a fuckin thing changed still tha same
yall got dope but rob niggas
so be mob niggas
why yo be hard niggas
through the street i rep that
beat and scar niggas
respect that an´ step back
come at me sideways
and get laid down where ya stand
[gun load]**bla-dow!** with the cannons
so stop all the dirty fuckin looks
cause yall niggas ain´t fuckin crooks
fuck around and get took


i make moves, i break rules
pistol whip niggas if they got fake jewels
i take tools [get money wid em]
i make rules [get bloody in em]
fuckin with that nigga Earl Simmons
will have you in the middle a da ocean...swimmin
up to creek with no paddle
yall niggas fuck
right when u sholda bucked
yall niggas ducked
stuck ´em down
thats your muther fuckin luck [what!?]
clown! what now!?
keep fuckin playin
im gonna keep a nigga 6 feet deep layin´
shit keps sprayin
watch yall sayin?
dont want nuthin...[c´mon]
yall niggas known for frontin
we dont take the cali to dem axe
please dont remind me a dat

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