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Cry Of A Waking Heart

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I stand before you with my mind open wide
Waiting to receive whatever will be
The world the eyes survey is not the only world
For deep within the soul can be found all things

Like the shape of sound, the shape of wind
Like the shape of things when they first begin
How could I stop what I had to start
The cry of a waking heart

All I want is to love you
All I need is to get through
What I believe is a light in the dark
The crying of a waking heart

You shine inside me like the moon in the stream
And the waters flow around me

Like the colour of sun I cannot explain
Behind the familiar the view is strange
Maybe to love is to fly apart
And this emotion the cry of a waking heart


Golden slumber
Now and forever
Truly rising
Imagine heaven
One vibration
This eternal thing

[Chorus 2x]
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