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What's up! Death on this kid who belives the mic,
Blood on the soul so what that inside be like,
A cross carrier with journeys upon self I,
Efforts to ashes and hands to the skym Child of light! Child of light!
Make solid the climb and let's see some new heights right! right!
So am I trying to find life in what's been dead? Yes! So recheck the mind set!
Empower! Can't slip! Empower! Empower! Positive! Come alive!
What up with self? What up with self?
Can't give up no love unless I deal with my own hell-dig,
It's all about wrecking the age of self-defeat,
dignity worth of all human personality,
We must belive on our trust potential,
Our life has the true meaning and value of now,
Our only hope today lies in our ability to lift ourselves from this ever-rising hell!
Take your life back! Give me life to live!
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