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It's immoral to encourage others to accept injustice you do not endure,
Such superficial optimism a deepness not so pure,
Anesthetic presence with an undefined concern,
With images so glorified but still where is our cure.
Give! Where's your fire?
Movements definition unclear amid definite crises,
Retreating carelessly with persuasions that seem to never end,
And must immarilty become so monumental before we see?
Give! Where's your fire?
Out my face! Out my face!
Pseudo-intellectual moderate steppin' to dis,
And you say that my concerns don't burn with validity,
Trying to check me got nothing to prove "be",
On with the privilege shit-talking blood of my people your mocking,
If it came down to dying I would see that ass running,
Say full belly-buster you willing to suffer and put your ass on the line and fool help me gets mine!
Give! Where's your fire?
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