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Stay In The Game

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Ya best believe I'm breaking through at the sound of the hour
with so much on my mind alone on the tower
with visions of questing, the crafting of best things,
leading every thought to the light and its blessings
Hoping like a child in the midst of this battle,
you know he's never given me more than I can handle
Remaining in the line of fire and supplication,
easing on the bed of duration!

You got to want in! Stay in the game

I get hyped when I think of the challenges and all that awaits me
Spirits are high in this future I'm facing
Rekindle the flames so many try to put out,
miraculous Zion permission no doubt,
A question of minus an answer of plus,
slam dunk to the hoop, achievement a must!
Pivot and post through the lane I must bust
Off with the handcuffs ain't done enough!

You got to want in! Stay in the game

David Goliath underdog diamond steadily rising,
uh Design 9ing, I bring rhyme lightning,
swift tightness word for word you know it's priceless
red light shining can't lose myself finding,
short of the mark and in my mindset

You got to want in! Stay in the game.
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