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If You Will Go

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I close my eyes and hear your voice. You will alwais
be my only choice.As you speak the words of love.
I sense the warmth and feel so calm.

I barely feel your fingertips. Across my skin and on
my lips. The feeling that you are close to me.
Makes me shiver, makes me weep.

No one is more than you. Nothing compares to you.
If you give my love away.
You´d better know the game you play.
Cause my heart will lose a home.If you will go.

I wish this night to last forever. And we could always
be together. But by the dawn you´ll be gone.
And once more I´ll be left all alone.

Before you go my precious one. My only love, my
brightest sun. I have one wish before you fly.
Please come back tomorrow night
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