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Save Me

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Save Me Help!
Time don't give us time, now,
And love don't give us love, now.
Our peace has fallen to pieces,
And nothing can release us.
I feel I want my mother,
But I've just got my brother.
But he's no brother of mine,
He's stealing all my sunshine.
I've got to save my life.
I've got to save,
Save my life.

My movie's got a soundtrack,
But only in my phone jack.
And no one's gonna see it,
It's just my luck I'd be in it.
I'm looking in the mirror,
And things are looking clearer.
I'm throwing it away now.
I'm blowing every day now.

Repeat Chorus.

I'm feeling empty-hearted.
I miss my dear departed,
And hope don't bring me hope, now,
But the dope still brings me dope.
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