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Goodbye humans, goodbye earth
I've left this place and all its worth
I am trendsending space and time,
I'm traveling at the speed of light, affection, reflection,
This is the new direction.
Conspiracy is idiocarcy
I radiate light's transparency, generation, radiation
We are the chosen nation

Hey you, you're blowing my mind again
Out of my shull, i feel the levitation
I feel my skin crawling off of my soul
I feel your radiation, I'll be a radiator, just like you
Radiate it on me, burn it through.
I feel your radtion, radiate it on me

Hello future, hello birth
This is your newborn universe, there is no longer wrong or right.
We have become a source of light
Conceptual, celestial
We are extraterrestrial.
Creator, Vindicator
We are the radiators
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