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've been lying awake at night
I've been hoping that I'm alright
I've been winding myself too tight
Wondering if I will sleep tonight
Never thought things would get like this
Always hoping that they'd work out
Still ingesting the wrong amount
Now I seem to be filled with doubt

I cannot stop this ride
I'm growing cold inside
I shouldn't let it slide
Will sickness be mine

This should not be my weight to bear
Go on acting like I don't care
Stop this high-I wouldn't dare
I have earned and deserve my share
Things like this happen every day
While I'm in there I feel okay
But you say I should get away
Let me go just for one more day

I've got to medicate myself,
I'm not concerned about my health
It covers up what I've been dealt, It seems the only way
I've got to medicate myself, It's been the only thing that helped
Must cover up what I have felt, it seems the only way

Sickness is mine, sickness is mine, sickness is mine
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