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I got moon sprite, its steady as a runna
I should be with big meech and ill get so much money, i started out finessin
and then i wash my hands
Dont eva touch it, if it aint dem bands
I prayed to messiah, told him i want it all
Put me in the game or poor behind the wall
Im living lavish, smashing on these pink toes
mo paper than kinko, drinkin bottle and they gold
drinking lean and its active,yeah poppin wheelies on these mansions, we throwing money on these hoes and they aint even dancin, and its comin back white, Marilyn Manson,
they yellin young futures back, and he brung good crack
machevelli, independent of my belly, with pies
vegitary, ima dog on these hoes, vetinary
yeah I make movies Tyler Perry, yo main dame thats my secretary, but you good cuz i love money, febuary
gotta lot of shit on my mind but cant get discouraged
applied major pressure, you betta be woried
You boutta get your ish
naw you gon get your issues
the pracher gonna say a scripture
im asking for forgivness
i hear the streets calling, all the lil ghetto children
futue all they kno, astronaut pluto
numero uno, im comin for ya throat
bitch i gotta have it,i you kno you waitin to taste it
and ima murder every track nigga cold case
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