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This is how we act

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Not every day brings brand-new rain.
And the sky ain´t lookin like a blue on my vane.
Brand-new avenue, much more they ever knew.
Sanctify, interchange ethic for mental.
my rough destiny was street common..
dirty mamon, the myth about the inexpug-enum.
Art of theft ..as a way how to stand.
Pent in the cage you take chance and append.
Parasitic bacterias investing, testing..
Profesional tacts, here launches the questing..
On the aims I love and watch in the faith.
The hell of the sins will collapse one day..

We launch an attack…
We commence the battles.
We protect the zones..
With love and faith…


This is how we act in a metter of a fact.
That we build sins and we drop the intelect.
In situations when the lilfe is quick.
You got no time to think…
You have to fit..

Who we be? Cast aways, worst Fridays.
Priests ..of stoned fold hidden in alleys.
social cases authorities mark black.
Like pack of bats all broken in the neck.
we composed the myth – sin lexicon.
All written with the evidence of street accidents.
Which happen.. like with no cause but with no stoppin..
It´s vicious circle once you hear the sin knocking..
On ya night door, once you open, you never close
Again ..and the hell will occupate, the rain..
So we get in and we force face to face..
In memory of lost but never forgetten saint days..

We play death drums..
We challenge neiberhoods..
We protect the zones..
With love and faith..

I ain´t no criminal, I am a soldier.
Tryin´ to survive protectin the border..
Please, you Highest, forgive me my sins..
Look down on me, I say one more this, yo..

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